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We will deliver your party to you, just browse our website and select your items. We host backyard parties, churches, corporate events, family reunions, and much more. Geographically serving North Atlanta and surrounding areas. Jump Bonanza Playhouse would love to be a part of your party, and memorial celebration. We hope to see you soon and thanks for choosing us.


Our Inflatables

We provide commercial-grade products that meet the level of safety standards of the bounce house industry. At Jump Bonanza Playhouse you can rest easy knowing that we sanitize and clean our inflatables every time we set up before and after each use so our customers can enjoy their party.


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Frequently asked questions

How big are the bounce houses?

The size is listed on the contract and the compacity of the number of people that can jump on the equipment at one time.

Does the rental unit include set up and delivery?

Its $25 for set up and delivery and multiple units is $60. Sorry no pickup is allowed.

Do you sanitize your units, are they clean?

You can rest assure our units are sanitized after each use keeping our customers safe and healthy.

What happens if weather predictions are bad? Will I get my deposit back?

You can cancel a reservation three days in advance due to heavy rains or high winds (over 20mps). There is no penalty to the renter and your deposit will be refunded up to three days. At that time, you can cancel or postpone another day. If you decide to proceed with your order in such weather conditions, there will be no refund.

What if I need to cancel my reservations?

We need a 7-day notice in advance for all cancelations for a full refund., anytime less than 7 day is a particle refund. $50 will be held on a single unit and $100 will be held on multiple units.

Once the unit is set up can I unplug it?

Never unplug the unit once it set up, the only time it should be shut it off is if it rains or high winds (20mph) in these weather conditions.

Once the unit is set up can I move it to another area?

No! Never move the unit to another area. You may cause damages to the unit and be held responsible up to the full price of the unit up to $1500.

What surfaces do you set up on?

Preferably, grassy area is the 1st choice, dirt, concrete, and asphalt. We do not se up on rocky land because it can cause damages and puncture holes in the unit.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, there is a $50 deposit on all units, if there are multiple units being rented its $100 deposit.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit card, and money orders. No checks please.


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Please reach out for any concerns or questions. We love to hear from you. If your ordering customized personal party favors, need quotes on packages, ordering table linen or chair covers. Please fill out this section with detailed colors and themes for your party. Thank you.

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